ELEA brings many benefits for the doctors and dentists who use it.


Less muscle fatigue
The light weight of the pen and the electronic injection relieves any pressure from the fingers. This release limits muscular fatigue.


Faster and more accurate gesture
The pen grip and the support points allow you very high precision, whether it is for a single injection or repetitive for mesotherapy.


High Tech Image
The use of an electronic injection and the pen gives you an innovative and reassuring image.

ELEA brings real benefits to your patients.

Reduced pain
ELEA reduces patient pain during the penetration of the needle and the injection of the products.

Faster recovery time
The use of ELEA generates fewer marks on the skin and faster recovery, it therefore limits the impact of the intervention on the patient.

Reassuring Practice
By using ELEA, you show your patients a safe practice that reduces the invasive dimension of the intervention.

Key points :

Electronic injection
Filler and mesotherapy modes
Intuitive, elegant, comfortable
3 speed modes
Pen grip
Sword grip
Wireless and batteryless foot pedal


BP 30051
49308 Cholet Cedex

Tel. +33 (0)2 41 56 41 25

ELEA is a product developed by DENTAL HI TEC,
leader of electronic injection systems for dental anesthesia.